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How to Train German Shepherd Puppy Not to Bite Other Dogs

How to Train German Shepherd Puppy Not to Bite Other Dogs
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Many dog owners need to know how to train German Shepherd puppy not to bite other dogs. The first thing you should understand is that the puppy is like a baby, she does things that she shouldn't, but she can’t realize it for herself. It is your responsibility to train your pup not to bite by giving her a good behavior training and establishing yourself as the pack leader.

how to train german shepherd puppy not to bite other dogs

There are 3 tips to help you do the mission correctly and getting your desired result as soon as possible.

1- Help Socialize

Socialization is process of gradually exposing your puppy to different people and animals. The purpose here is helping your pup to build confidence over the time and avoid developing fear from people and animals.

You should understand that German Shepherd dogs can’t socialize without being taught and that is your mission which should start in the age of 8-20 weeks. If you missed this period, you will lose your best opportunity and your dog can’t be socialized any more easily.

It is best not to take the pup from her mother until she is 8 weeks old to give her chance to play-fight with her siblings and mother besides learning what is considered fun and what is really painful.

The first step in socialization training is keeping your pup in the company of you and other members of your family as well as other dogs as early as possible to be familiar with them to make your mission easier.

The second step is taking her to the park where she is given the opportunity to socialize and play with other puppies and older dogs that are already socialized. If one puppy becomes too rough when playing, the rest of the group will punish him for that inappropriate behavior, so your dog will learn to control her biting reflex as soon as she realizes that biting hurts on her own body parts.

2- Spend more time with her

Start taking her on regular walks where she will get a chance to play games with you and do a bit of obedience training. Taking your dog for walks on a daily basis gives her an opportunity to get rid of excess energy. This leads to prevention of many behavioral issues including biting.

3- Use positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement happens when a good behavior is followed by a stimulus that is rewarding which leads to increasing the frequency of that behavior. So make sure your dog knows when she does something that you want her to do by rewarding her when for example she does chew on the chewable item you gave her.

By applying the tips mentioned in this article, you will know very well how to train german shepherd puppy not to bite other dogs and getting rid of this annoying problem.

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