Have German Shepherd Puppy Biting Problems? Here's How to Fix It | German Shepherds Training

Have German Shepherd Puppy Biting Problems? Here's How to Fix It

German Shepherd Puppy Biting Problems

German shepherd puppy biting problems may arise from using wrong methods like screaming and violence to deal with it as many dog owners often do which only makes things worse. Here you will learn some tips to help you get rid of those problems the right way.

german shepherd puppy biting problems

Many new dog owners have to deal with their puppies biting problems and keep thinking that my german shepherd puppy won’t stop biting. Dogs bite when they feel threatened or anxious, so socializing your pup early teaches her to feel relaxed around people and other dogs also. Always observe her to see any signs that your pup is not comfortable and then do what you can to make her feel better.

The correct yelping method

A specific method that gives the most effective result for most puppies is called the yelping technique which means that you can make your puppy end biting by making a loud yelp sound immediately when your puppy bites you.

One of the biggest mistakes is when their dog continually nips or tries to bite, the owner's reaction is a "Ouch, No biting!" but They don't realize how ineffective that is when it's rapidly followed by laugh, a giggle or even a playfully gesture.

Your initial reaction should be an "Ouch, No biting" followed by a rapid disengaging attention from your puppy. This means leaving the area, stopping all play or even turning your back on your puppy only for a couple minutes. By doing this your puppy can connect his biting to the enjoyable of playing is done when he bites.

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Relieve her pain

Another good means to assist your pup get rid of teething pain which makes her bite so much is to soak a piece of cloth, place it into the fridge freezer and after that give it to your puppy. Not only will it distract her from biting parts of your body but additionally it will ease her pain and provide her with a lot of enjoyment.

Play ball games

Having the time to play with your dog is an additional method that you can use to stop her from biting. You have to stop playing as soon as play biting happens. Say NO strongly, stand up and turn away from your pup. Once stops play a game again, repeat when biting happens over again. It is essential to be regular with your training or else she will get confused by your commands.

You need not to be aggressive in reaction and be patient in order to solve your german shepherd puppy biting problems quickly and effectively.

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