Training German Shepherd Puppy to Come – 7 Awesome Tips | German Shepherds Training

Training German Shepherd Puppy to Come – 7 Awesome Tips

Training German Shepherd Puppy to Come

Training German shepherd puppy to come is one of the basic training that every dog owner must teach to their puppies as early as possible. There are a lot of principles available but there are a general practices to start with to give your pup the proper training he needs to be an obedient dog.

Training German Shepherd Puppy to Come – 7 Awesome Tips

1- Have fun
Don’t consider training your dog in general is just a mission you have to do but instead see it as a fun practice to enjoy doing it yourself and your puppy as well which makes him very ready for anything you will teach, so be happy when training your German shepherd pup.

2- Make it positive
Get sure your puppy understands that when you call him to come you mean “check in with me” rather than understanding that “I am calling you to stop what you are doing now”. You should always use positive reinforcement for training German shepherd puppy to come to get the best results.

3- Make him love it
You should also make sure that your dog has a good experience when he comes to you. So whenever your dog comes to you, show that positive things happen when he does that good behavior by saying good boy and then praising him. Make him feel that you appreciate what he did and it made you happy by giving him a big smile as well.

4- Everyone likes rewards
Giving your dog rewards is the backbone of the successful training as it makes everything easier to you and your puppy become happy as well. The reward may be a treat of your puppy favorite food or a play with him or giving him his favorite toy to play with. Firstly call your dog to you, then REWARD him within five seconds and then immediately set him free to do what he wants.

5- Withhold your attention
Don’t give an attention to your dog when he doesn’t come when called. This is one of the most powerful tools available to make him realize that you didn’t like this behavior and that he did something wrong.

6- Choose the right time
You should never train your puppy to come when you are planning to anything you know he doesn't like for example giving him a bath or clip his nails immediately after he comes to you as you should wait for 15 minutes or more to avoid the connection between them and coming to you which makes your dog hate the come command as well.

7- Make the training safe
You must prevent training your dog from becoming unsafe by using a retractable dog leash so you can always keep him secure anytime you need to.

Keep these 7 tips in your mind when training your German shepherd puppy to come to you whenever you call him and don’t forget to be patient and consistent as training needs time. We hope you get the obedient dog you want after applying these tips.

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