22 German Commands For German Shepherd | German Shepherds Training

22 German Commands for German Shepherd

22 German Commands For German Shepherd
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You will learn in this article 22 German shepherd commands in German language to help you teach your puppy the basic commands for the daily uses plus explaining how to teach your dog some of them in details. Training your dog is a must if you want her to bring joy and happiness in your house.

22 german commands for german shepherd

Before start reading the commands below, you should first know some tips for german shepherd training to your mission easier and get the best results you desire learning from the following points.

  • You are the responsible for your dog behavior not her as she will not know what you expect unless you train her what you want through your commands.

  • It is always said that dog is human’s best friend and to reach to this stage you should make her your best friend by giving her praise and cuddles to make her feel your love

  • Consistency is a must when training your german shepherd puppy as she needs repeating to obtain a well behaved dog, occasional training will not give you any results.

  • Make the training periods short as it should not be more than 15 minutes daily to keep the training enjoyable for your puppy and avoid boredom and be patient, training any animal takes time so don’t think it is a quick mission and get bored fast.

  • Remember that the earlier you start training your German shepherd the earlier you will get the results. Socialize your puppy as early as possible as you should expose her to different people and animals at 8 weeks old.

  • Have an eye contact with your puppy to get closer to her and maintaining good relationship which makes your mission with her easier with better results as well.

  • Don’t punish your puppy using aggressive methods like hitting as it will not lead you to anything but a fearful dog and she may also hate you. Instead use methods like ignoring her when she does something wrong or stop playing with her as a punishment.

  • Use positive training methods using rewards whenever your German shepherd puppy does your commands and obey you.

  • Combine your verbal commands with hand signals and get sure your position in front of your dog's head for her best vision of the signals.

  • Get help if you can’t train your puppy, have no time for her or having problems in training your older dog, you may need an advice from professional dog trainer through training course or taking your dog to specific class

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German shepherd commands list in German language

Here is s list with 22 German commands for german shepherd language with its pronunciation plus the method to teach your dog every command using hand signals guide from bordercollierescue.org site.

You can use Google to hear and learn the correct pronunciation like this example here for the command sitz by clicking on the listen icon and by that you get German dog commands pronunciation audio.

1- Sit
Sitz (pronunciation = zet-z)
Holding your arm straight down at your side you raise the forearm and hand from the elbow, palm up, above dogs head.

2- Down
Platz (pronunciation = plutz)
Lower hand, arm extended and palm down, from a horizontal position towards the ground.

3- Stay (Keep sitting)
Bleib (pronunciation = bly'b)
Full palm of hand is extended from shoulder height at arm’s length towards the dog (policeman's stop signal).

4- Heel
Fuss (pronunciation = fooss)
Dog walks on your left side. Tap left thigh with left hand. From front position, dog comes round your back from right side to left. From back position dog comes in on left (on or off the lead).

5- Come
Komm (pronunciation = come)
Arms fully outstretched horizontally on each side then brought to meet in front of your stomach (Angel of the North position).

6- Fetch
Bring (pronunciation = brrring)
Wave hand from direction of dogs head towards item to be retrieved and point.

7- Take food (eat)
Nimm Futter (pronunciation = nim futta)
Point at food bowl, arm and index finger extended.

8- Go Inside
Geh rein (pronunciation = gay rine)
Point indoors or towards the item or vehicle you wish the dog to enter with arm and index finger fully extended.

9- Go outside
Geh Draussen (pronunciation = gee drouse)
Point outdoors or away from the item or vehicle you wish the dog to leave with arm and index finger fully extended.

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10- Let go (leave)
Aus (pronunciation = owss)
Wave hand or hands with arms extended towards the dog and away from the object you wish left alone. This may be used to stop playing with toys or to interrupt feeding.

11- No
Nein (pronunciation = nine)
Point index finger straight at dogs head with elbow bent. The hand signal used here + eye contact can be interpreted as confrontational by dominant / aggressive dogs. Use of this sign towards a dog with such problems is inadvisable and if done you can expect the dog to react as though challenged.

12- To the bed
Ins Bett (pronunciation = insbet)
Point to dog’s bed - this should not be used as a punishment - so smile.

13- Roll
Rolle (pronunciation = rola)
First the dog must be laid, then with the left outstretched pointing finger make a turning movement.

14- Turn around
Dreh´dich (pronunciation = dreadish)
Make circles using your forefinger when the dog in the stand position.

15-Lie down
Leg dich (pronunciation = lig dikh)

16- OK
In Ordnung (pronunciation = in odnu)

17- Good (praise)
So ist brav (pronunciation = zoo istbrav)

18- Good dog
Braver hund (pronunciation = brava hond)

19- Out
Voraus (pronunciation = for owss)

20- jump
Hopp (pronunciation = hup)

21- Stand
Steh (pronunciation = shtay)

22- Give me 5
Gib mir 5 (pronunciation = gib meea foonf)

Watch this dog training video to learn some basic commands mentioned in the list of 22 German commands for German shepherd using your hand signals to teach it to your puppy.

Watch more on the page German Shepherd Puppy Training Videos.

These were 22 German commands for German shepherd to start with it and hope you can practice these commands easily and get the results you want.

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