Potty Training German Shepherd Puppy - The Ultimate Guide | German Shepherds Training

Potty Training German Shepherd Puppy - The Ultimate Guide

Potty Training German Shepherd Puppy - The Ultimate Guide

Potty Training German Shepherd Puppy the ultimate guide will give you the detailed information and best tips to potty train your pup successfully and quickly. There are steps to be taken, just like with any other kind of puppy training which need patience and consistency.

potty training german shepherd puppy - the ultimate guide

Observing your pup’s habit first will be very helpful in making him gradually changes and adapts to yours. You can't potty train your pup anytime you want. He needs to be ready for it. Waiting for the time when he poops is probably the ideal moment to correct his behavior.

Does that mean you are responsible for the success or failure of potty training?
Yes, it is your responsibility. And the very first thing you should do is not giving your pup much water prior to bedtime if his tendency is to pee usually at night.

Secondly, you need to ensure your pup is always in the toilet location when he has to go. So start to teach him about the "outside" command to make him understand completely that this word means that he should leave the house. You must take your pup directly outside to a location where the place you're Ok with him doing his needs on a regular basis in the early morning.

When you take him to poop outside, do not forget to say the words that you desire him to connect with toileting, such as "toilet" or "go potty" to make him understand that he should poop and when he does what you ask praise him. When you do this regularly, he will be conditioned to consider that "outside" and "go potty" mean that he needs to do his business.

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After that comes the patience. When you get the pup in the right place to do his business, wait calmly in the location as it's just a matter of time. You sometimes need to just be patient. If you're not and begin becoming stressed because you are in a rush, your pup will pick up it and become tensed and unable to go.

You may have been outdoors 5 or 6 minute and do not give up. But hang in there. If you have been outside for perhaps 10 or 15 minutes, then take your puppy inside, put him in maybe a crate or a safe place or put him on a surface which is easy to clean. And, try again half an hour later.

It may takes 2 hours between each time he needs to go. That's about the right length of time that he can hold on for. But much younger pups might only be able to hold on for 15 minutes to half an hour or so.

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What are some tips to potty train a german shepherd puppy?

1. Use the exact same place always. Go to that location and your pup will connect that location with doing his needs.

2. Get sure you keep the exact same command word. This is vital, as there's absolutely nothing more confusing for your pup than everyone saying a various word when she needs to go toilet.

3. Use a leash. If your puppy charging round and isn't in the right place, then put a long line on him.

4. Reward your pup quickly when he eventually goes the toilet by giving him a treat. Something that's actually special, that he never gets unless he goes to the toilet. That's the trick to successful puppy potty training.

5. Finally, keep calm at all times and be patient. This will actually assist your pup.

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How to guarantee success in potty training your german shepherd puppy?

How to guarantee success  in potty training  your german shepherd puppy?

Here are some of the things that you need to do to succeed in your mission. And they need to be done each time you train your pup.

• Number one: Put a plan
Get sure your puppy remains in the right location when he has to do his business. That's your responsibility like we mentioned before. When you catch your pup while he is in the midst of doing that inside, stop him with fast grab of his collar gently and using the stop command with a low tone in your voice to say "No" or "Stop it" loudly but do not scream to avoid scaring him.

You may set a plan and write down a note of the hours of the day and also the times the pup went to the toilet and also work out when he's going to have to go next to ensure you be there at time. You can get more help by setting up an alarm to remind you.

• Number two: Prepare
Have your treats like favorite food ready. Put it in a container in an easy reachable place to avoid forgetting it when going outside with your pup for potty training. Remember to keep the leash ready if your pup is one of those that escape in the wrong direction, or into the wrong location.

• Number three: Don’t hurry up
Make sure you have the time to do this training and you're not in a rush. Hurrying the pup out because that you're late getting ready yourself for work will not give you any results. You need to be able to say the word "go potty", nice and gently. This will not last for very long, so make the effort to make it as an enjoyable experience for you both.

• Number four: show him your affection
Praise your pup as quickly as he goes to the toilet in the right location, with lots of affection and certainly, treats. You should make a positive reinforcement to ensure that your pup believes "if I go to the toilet outside, I get the most delicious food ". It never gets this special food for just lying in its basket and looking adorable.

You will get the best outcome when applying the tips and steps mentioned in Potty Training German Shepherd Puppy - The Ultimate Guide always with patience and consistency.

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