German Shepherd Potty Training Problems | German Shepherds Training

German Shepherd Potty Training Problems

German Shepherd Potty Training Problems

German shepherd potty training problems may result from bad connection between you and your puppy which disable you from training him the right way and thus not getting the result you desire. You can’t just assume that she understands what you ask but you must get sure of it.

german shepherd potty training problems

You need to know that it is fairly natural for your dog to make a mess during the potty training duration. This is why you have to prepare to deal with these problems. Your pup needs to realize your commands very well and needs also consistent practice on daily basis to make potty training a habit.

What should you do when facing problems during potty training your pup?

The most important advice is to be patient. Like any kind of training, potty training needs a lot of persistence. Do not punish her by any mean when she makes a mistake as this only delays training and certainly will not show her not to do this again and also will just end up making her scared of you.

If you see your puppy pooping within the house, inform her to go outdoors and do it. If she doesn't react and continues to do it within the house, it's simply because she doesn't know what you want from her, so it is may be not her fault.

If you want her to obey your commands, be patient and get her outdoors by yourself to teach her that she needs to do it there. You can use a leash to enhance your control.

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If you catch her while she is in the midst of doing that, stop her with fast grab of her collar gently and say strong "No" loudly but do not scream to avoid scaring her as you want her to do your commands because she understand it not because she fears you.

The best thing to do her is taking her outdoors to allow her complete her business. Lastly, pat her on her head while saying "Good girl!" or praising her. It is essential to show your pup praises every time she does anything right. Providing her delicious meals as a reward when she does her business in the proper place can aid as well.

When you see this but didn't catch her doing the act, it's much better to ignore it and act next time that it occurs. You shouldn't rub the puppy's nose in it, simply because the lesson you teach her this way isn't the correct one.

A better option would be to bring the puppy to that region and take the poop while she's watching. That's because she will not realize why you're scolding her, even if only a few moments have passed since her action.

Scolding the pup while she's doing other things like eating or playing will make her think that this is the cause you're upset. She will not be able to make the connection with the pooping she has done earlier.

These were few tips to help you and by applying them you will not face german shepherd potty training problems any more.

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