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How to Stop German Shepherd Puppy from Biting

How to Stop German Shepherd Puppy from Biting

How to stop german shepherd puppy from biting is an important question that needs an answer gives you the aid you need when facing this irritating issue like lots of dog owners who frequently use wrong ways to handle this bad behavior. And in this article you are going to know detailed tips.

how to stop german shepherd puppy from biting

The initial point you have to know is that it is natural for the dogs to bite and they have no intent to harm anyone unless they are threatened. So there is no need to shout or use violence when facing this bad behavior and all what you need to do is in the following steps.

The most essential step to stop dog biting is making your pup understand that you don’t like this bad behavior and you desire her to stop it totally. Besides you must teach your puppy these bite training sessions before she reaches 4 months. However if you have an adult dog it is recommended to look for a specialized support by a dog trainer.

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1- How to Stop German Shepherd Puppy from Biting your Hands

  • When your puppy bites your hand, let her hear a loud “ouch” then ignore her completely for a minute and go out the area but do not do this for more than 5 minutes to make her realize your attitude was towards her and nobody else.

  • When the dog nips or bites when you put your hand in his mouth squeeze your fingers delicately but ensure not to cause pain while doing this. This action will help the pup understands that you don't like what he is doing to stop the puppy biting and nipping.

2- How to Stop German Shepherd Puppy from Biting your Feet

  • You must constantly say big “NO” each time your dog bites you so she understands that biting is not acceptable and that she does something harming you then remove your feet from her mouth.

  • Turn away from her instantly for couple of minutes.

Finally don’t forget to reward your pup with treats like a delicious food or playing with her when she is not using her mouth to nip or bite you.

Now, you know how to stop your german shephred puppy from biting and hope these information were really helpful.

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