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Why does my german shepherd puppy bite – 3 Causes

Why Does My German Shepherd Puppy Bite

There are many new dog owners wonder why does my german shepherd puppy bite. They don’t know exactly what to do to get rid of this annoying behavior and correcting it the right way. So in the following lines you are going to learn 3 common reasons which make your puppy biting everything and everyone including you.

Why does my german shepherd puppy bite – 3 Causes

The most important point you need to know is that it’s natural for the puppies to bite. Your puppy has no intention to harm anyone especially you unless they are threatened. And for now learn these 3 causes for puppy biting.

why do german shepherd puppies bite so much?

1- Your pup consider biting as their way of enjoying playing

Puppies instinctively bite each other when playing, and they will also do this with humans as they may think biting others is fun. They also use their mouths to discover the world around them just as curious babies do.

2- Puppies again like babies go through the teething period

Teething period is associated with a lot of physical pain and itching because their teeth are developing. So it is very relieving and comforting to bite something or someone (that is you of course) using their baby teeth. But the good news is that this is not going to last forever as these teeth will be substituted by their new adult teeth.

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3- Your puppy needs to exercise on daily basis

Pups have a lot of energy and need to use it so they bite to find a way to release that energy if they did not have any other way like playing games with you or playing with other animals. So help your puppy by taking him on regular walks daily.

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Now, you know the answer for why does my german shepherd puppy bite to realize that they are definitely not doing this in order to annoy and all what you should do is teaching him his boundaries.

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