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7 German Shepherd Puppy Potty Training Tips

7 german shepherd puppy potty training tips

German shepherd potty training needs you to spend more times with your pup and be patient as much as you can. So you are going to learn in 7 German shepherd potty training tips article the most important tips you should know for the best results.

7 German shepherd puppy potty training tips

There are two points you need to take in consideration about your puppy potty training before knowing our 7 helpful tips:

When a puppy needs to go to toilet he will go the same as humans (no one can make you go to toilet without your wish).You should take your puppy outdoors before he/she toilet inside the house (you are the one who controls).

1- Show your puppy the right place where you want him/her to toilet to get used to that spot .

2- Take him/her out when he/she needs going to toilet and then praise him/her when he/she goes using good treat like piece of cheese or any of his/her favorite food as a reward for doing the right thing and you will see how fast he/she will learn.

3-You should be alert as your puppy's bladder is small at the age of two to four months and can not hold on for more than 1-2 hours before he needs to go again to toilet.

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4-Take your puppy outside within 15 minutes after meals as it is the time he needs to go to toilet and you should also take her outside as soon as he wakes up, as his/her bowl starts to move in the morning and also at night.

5-Repeat the word "go toilet" and tell everyone in your house sticks to it to make your puppy hear the word and know its meaning and do your command.

6-Keep your puppy in smaller place you can clean easily when he/she relieves himself/herself until you take him/her outside in case that he/she did not go to toilet after directly after the meal.

7-Do not ever rub your puppy’s nose if he did not do your command as puppy’s nose is 100 times more sensitive than humans and this won't teach him/her obeying your commands. He will not figure out what he/she did wrong.

Finally when you get bad result, remember that potty training your pup needs tolerance, love, and fondness.These were our 7 German shepherd puppy potty training tips in brief to help you train your dog.

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